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Last stop on our cruise through Norway was the town of Stavanger. A largish town, with a fishing fleet and famous petroleum museum, the latter of which we didn't have time to see. Instead we took a boat trip through the beautiful Lysefjord, famous for its rock formations carved by glaciers. We ventured past the rock of Preikestolen and found a magnificent waterfall, and then stopped somewhere for waffles and cream where we were greeted by a Viking.

We just had enough time upon returning to have a quick look inside Stavanger Cathedral.

Norway proved to be a stunning trip with much spectacular scenery, and yet there is clearly so much more of this amazing country to see. I hope to go back one day and see even more.



Stavanger Harbour.


Stavanger City Bridge.


Approach to Lysefjord.







A whaling ship.



Small marina in Stavanger.


Petroleum Museum.


Cannon Tower.


Stavanger Cathedral.


Another whaling ship and a small replica Viking vessel next to it.


Yours truly.

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