Richmond Park with Jena
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Richmond Park with Jena
Richmond Park with Jena

Spent a very hot and humid afternoon with my friend Jena shooting in Richmond Park. I have shot there many times before, but Jena hadn't really had an opportunity to get close to the wildlife there before. She managed to get some very good shots of the deer, nicely isolated against their backgrounds, or even framed by antlers! She also brought her macro lens, which she put to good effect capturing butterflies and spiders.

The deer in Richmond Park are wild, and people are not really supposed to get too close to them. It is a sort of unwritten etiquette as I understand it. But alas there are always tourists or people who simply do not understand or respect nature enough to set aside their own gratification and leave well alone. Having said that, one could argue that I was complicit in taking the photos of them!

Because of the raging heat and humidity, we (or at least I!) became very tired very quickly and we thus went to find something to eat! But I am pleased that Jena managed to get such excellent shots. Well done! Her photos are clearly labelled with her watermark.

I used just my Nikkor 70-200mm F/2.8 VRII with/without a 1.7x teleconverter.



A male fallow deer demonstrates its deference to a young brat (the roles should really be reversed!). 
Looking for something to eat!

Jena captured this conversation taking place.



Jena cleverly framed this male with the antlers of another.

Jena's macro work is perfectly exhibited in this shot of a butterfly's head.



A bumper brood! No less than 8 ducklings!

And a proud mother too!

Jena captured the mother duck's pose and reflection.

Again, I used the teleconverter attached to the zoom, and knelt close to the ground.
One of Richmond Park's zillions of parrots.

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