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Olden was the second stop on our trip through the Norwegian fjords.


Arriving at Olden we were met by wonderfully eerie mists lying low over the town.


We took a small boat along Lake Olden, arriving at a small restaurant to enjoy waffles and cream! We then were taken by coach to see the Kjenndalen Glacier, a magnificent sight. Next to the glacier was a waterfall, and dotted around the landscape were more waterfalls and streams no doubt fed by the glacier.


We returned via a stunning lake which reminded me of Emerald Lake in the Yukon in Alaska. In the afternoon, we took a brief tour around another lake.


As we left, a stunning double rainbow formed, the second one we saw in as many days.


I used a mixture of Nikkors 18-200mm, 35mm F/2, and 50mm F/1.8, as well as the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8. For some shots I bracketed three exposures as the contrast was a little harsh for the camera. These were later blended in Photomatix.



Low cloud and mist over Olden upon our arrival




Lake Olden



The restaurant where we had our waffles. The Norwegian
flag bottom centre is attached to our boat!


Kjenndalen Glacier.



The mighty glacier and its waterfall.









I used a slow shutter speed in this shot to blur the
movement of the water.


The spectacular double rainbow. The polarising filter
on my lens helped to bring out the colours.


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