Notting Hill Carnival 2011
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Notting Hill Carnival 2011
Notting Hill Carnival 2011

Notting Hill Carnival 2011


One of those thing you have to do once and never again. I braved the heaving masses of wild herds and managed to eke out a few shots from this year's carnival, an absolute zoo. Wading through the swamp of beer cans, deafening music and burning jerk chicken took my friend Zuzana and myself hours. The carnival itself was replete with the usual kaleidoscope of colours and music, and most people seemed to be having a good time, gyrating themselves practically into the Earth's core.

Mindful of being mugged, stabbed or shot, or all of the aforementioned, I took just my humble old Nikon D40 DSLR and Nikkors 18-200mm and 50mm F/1.8.

All images were shot RAW and converted to JPEGs. I must say, despite the D40's age (2006) and limitations (burst speed, no aperture dial, awkward menus), it's a decent little machine and the 6MP CCD sensor gave me some rich RAW files to play with.























Wondering what all the fuss is about!

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