Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 AF-D
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Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 AF-D
Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 AF-D

Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 AF-D


I have written this blog as an homage to my Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 AF-D. It has served me well on a number of occasions, but I just don't use it enough and thus I have decided that I will sell it and hope that it finds a more worthy home.

On the occasions that I have used it, it has obtained some really pleasing images for me, and is beautifully sharp. I sometimes take it with me on my travels and whenever I chose to use it has not let me down. I use it on a DX sensor, making the actual field of view more like 75mm, but it has still been an easy lens to compose and shoot with. I have shot everything from action to landscapes, portraits and wildlife with it, and it has returned excellent images in each subject. The fast aperture allows a fast shutter speed at a lower ISO in low light, and this flexibility is sometimes invaluable, especially at night or indoors.

But I simply do not use it enough now to warrant keeping it. So I will hope to find a better home for it :)


St Stephen's Tower and Big Ben.


River Vtlava through Prague at sunset.


Richmond Park in the autumnal sun


Juggler, Prague.



It makes an excellent portrait lens, as demonstrated here on my friend






Young fallow deer in the woods.




New York






Polar Bears

duke it out!



Not a macro lens, but I still managed to get some satisfying flora and fauna shots with it. See below for more examples.





Garden Fauna











Pelican in flight, St James's Park.



St James's Park.



Horseguards Parade as seen from St James's Park.

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