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Marwell Zoo
Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo


My friend Jena and I spent a day in Marwell Zoo in Hampshire last weekend. An excellent wildlife park, surprisingly big with large enclosures for most of the animals. The exhibits were very well set up for viewing with lots of glass and no prohibitive fencing. The snow leopards were a big draw because of the new cubs, although during our time there, the mother was asleep and the cubs were hidden away.

All in all, a good and exhausting day, but we both managed some neat shots. I wil post Jena's photos in a separate blog entry soon.
As nice as the zoo is, we were careful to frame our shots so that there was as little evidence of enclosure as possible.

I used mainly the Nikkor 70-200mm VRII +/- 1.7xTC, the Nikkor 50mm F/1.8G AF-S and the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 for shots of and around Marwell House.








This ocelot spent ages bathing his companion!


Desert cat.


Taken with the 70-200mm VRII + 1.7x TC


Taken with the 70-200mm VRII + 1.7x TC.



Finger-lickin' good!



At least one of them liked the joke!


Taken with the 50mm F/1.8G. Focus was on the eyes.


We waited ages to get these leopard shots!


Go ahead! Make my day!

Marwell House

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