Canary Wharf Night Shoot
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Canary Wharf Night Shoot
Canary Wharf Night Shoot

Canary Wharf Night Shoot


My friend Jena kindly suggested a night shoot around the Canary Wharf Estate yesterday evening, so myself and my colleague Kevin, also a photographer, joined her. We soldiered through our shots in spite of the intermittent rain, although the the wet concrete did allow for possibilities of reflections, and water droplets are always an interesting detail.
Dusk blue happens irrespective of clear or overcast skies, and we were fortunate to have some partially cleared skies for a short time at least.

Canary Wharf does present some interesting composition due to the towering architecture and lights. Despite the odd security guard asking us what we were doing, all three of us had an enjoyable night and captured some interesting shots. The marina especially, presented many great reflections, and Jena managed to find some great spots to shoot from.

Most of these were captured with the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8, and a few with the Nikkors 35mm F/2 AF-D and 50mm F/1.8 AF-S.



And there it is!



Waiting for the dusk.
























Thank you Jena for the idea for this shot!










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