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Berlin is just an incredible city!! So many vibrant things to see and do, and such wonderment everywhere that I simply have to return one day and see it again!! I was there for just a few days, but I managed to see much of its cultural, aesthetic and historical beauty, and presented here is a mere snapshot of the things I saw. From palaces to gardens, from views atop the TV tower and Siegesaulle, to all the many splendid churches, Berlin is a fascinating and energising city. I took in the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall, visited the Brandenburg Gate where President Reagan famously told Mr Gorbachev in 1987 to "tear down this wall!", saw the many wonderful garden styles in Garten De Welt, and sampled Berlin's cult dish, currywurst.


I also, and naturally, visited both of Berlin's world class zoos, Tierpark Zoo in the east, and Haupstadt Zoo in the west; the former being the largest landscaped zoo in Europe and the latter having the largest collection of species of any zoo on Earth - over 17,000! Next to the Haupstadt Zoo is the Aquarium, which was also wonderful.

The Festival Of Lights had just started towards the end of my visit, and some magnificent light displays and colours were on show around the buildings and streets.

Berlin is a massive city, especially after the wall came down and East and West unified, but it has such an excellent public transport system that getting anywhere is very easy. Everything just works!!


There is so much more to see and do, including all the palaces in the Potsdam area to the west. I managed to see just one -the Charlottenburg Palace and its magnificent gardens. I will have to return!


I took many photos of many more things, so this is just a tiny selected snapshot. Enjoy!




Yours Truly in front of the Brandenburg Gate at dusk.


The Reichstag Building.


Office building next to the Reichstag.


Autumn foliage outside the Bundestag.


Just one of many amazing artworks on the East Side Gallery of the Berlin Wall.



House Of World Culture.


Siegesaulle Monument


View from the top of the Siegesaulle monument.


The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz.




Museumsinsel (Museum Island) and Berliner Dom.


Berliner Dom.


Inside the Berliner Dom.


National Theatre.


The Chinese Garden at Garten De Welt (Gardens of The World).


Potsdamer Platz.


Festival Of Lights at Potsdamer Platz.


Potsdamer Theatre.


A giant plaster head on the side of a building at Potsdamer Platz with different faces projected onto it. Part of the Festival Of Lights.


Charlottenburg Palace.


The magnificent gardens behind the Charlottenburg Palace.


A polar bear spots me at the Tierpark Zoo.


Backlit Pelican at the Tierpark Zoo.


Hippos duke it out at the Hauptstadt Zoo.


White shark at the Aquarium.

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