Berkeley Skirmish 2011
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Berkeley Skirmish 2011
Berkeley Skirmish 2011

Berkeley Skirmish 2011

Another great day spent with Sal, who I rather naughtily wrenched away from her pressing dissertation in order to attend medieval shenanigans at Berkeley Castle. But we both had a terrific time at the Berkeley Skirmish, enjoying everything from cannon and handgun demonstrations to sword-fighting to jousting to a bird-of-prey display. The event was very busy and many people turned up wearing medieval garb!

The events were not only enjoyable themselves, but the organisers and participants ensured that people were informed and educated about the various activities, and how they related to the history of the land. The falconry display provided a fascinating insight too into the origin of many English phrases.

A thoroughly enjoyable day out and well worth the trip from London!

I shot mainly with the Nikkor 70-200mm VRII, but also with the Nikkor 50mm F/1.4. I must thank Sal for taking the photos of me!

Afterwards, we retired to Sal's house where I lazed in her fantastic hammock. :)


We didn't venture into the Castle, so I took some photos from the grounds, this one with my phone, the N8.





Can be a dangerous game....!



It must take tremendous skill to spear a wild boar (this one is fake of course!) from a moving horse.


Cabbages are the enemy!


I would close my eyes too!


Is that a head of smoke?




Impact! Ouch!






Many people came dressed for the occasion!


The excellent falconry display.



Barn Owl.


Harris Hawk.



The final skirmish.



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