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Third stop on our foray into the fjords was Alesund, a larger town spread out over many small islands. Having arrived at sunrise, we took another small boat through Horundfjord, and then returned to the town, where we ascended the 418 steps to the summit of Mount Aksla to see the view of the town below. An epic sight!

We then strolled through the town, especially the marina which had no end of fantastic reflections in the water. The colourful buildings throughout the town date back to the turn of the last century, and are famous for their Art Nouveau architecture.

As we left, yet again we were blessed with more spectacular rainbows.



Arriving at sunrise.


The view of Alesund from Mount Aksla.






Ship yard. Norway has the fifth largest fishing fleet on the planet.




The sunlight just managed to break through and shine this patch of land.






Imagine this as your backyard! A fresh water supply direct from the glacier behind.




I was lucky to get these reflections before a speedboat came along and disrupted the water.



Alesund Church.


Yet more rainbows formed as we left!


Managed to snap a whole one from the deck, using the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8.

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